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Hope For Families Home Study and Adoption Services is a Christian based, non-profit Child Placing Adoption Agency licensed in the State of Florida (#19336300009).  Our purpose is to provide a wide array of prompt, professional, and compassionate adoption services for adopting parents and birth mothers. We fully inform you about the adoption option so that you can make the best adoption choice for your specific circumstances and life goals.

Hope For Families has two wonderful programs to help you realize your dream of having a family. You can adopt waiting children who are living in foster homes right here in the United States through our low cost Interstate Adoption Program. There are over 114,000 children in America who long to be part of a loving family and together we can meet some child’s need for a permanent home. We also have a New Born Baby Adoption Program so that you can adopt an infant in the US through a private adoption process.

Our non-profit adoption agency, Hope For Families specializes in providing the required home study services for families throughout Florida for both domestic and international adoptions, and also for custody issues.  More information can be obtained by clicking on our links at “
Florida Home Study”, "Interstate Adoption Program", "New Born Adoptions"and “International Adoptions”.

Hope Counseling

Pictured left to right: Dr Ken Brown, Andy Hamilton           

Hope Counseling’s mission is…
To Encourage, To Enlighten, To Empower!

Hope Counseling was created to offer a new channel of clinical caring and comprehensive professional mental health care to our community from a Christian foundation.  Emotional, mental, relational, and spiritual needs are addressed in counseling and psychotherapy from behavioral science and spiritual perspectives to help hurting people find healing for their whole person.  Our goal is to provide a supportive connection to assist individuals, couples and families in developing meaningful lives and healthy relationships through effective life skills
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Hope For Birth Mothers

As a caring counselor, my heart has ached for the many brave women who have shared their shock, pain, uncertainty, confusion and even anger with me after learning that they were unexpectedly pregnant. Perhaps you are not yet ready to be a parent right now, but this pregnancy is pressuring you to make decisions. You are not alone in all of this. We can provide choices and help you through this period of your life.

There are different ways to love your child. Sometimes the most wonderful thing that you could ever do for your child is to consider entrusting your baby to loving adoptive parents who will raise your child in a permanent family. Adoption is a noble option. Making the positive decision to adopt can make a happier and more stable future for both your child and you!

People who long to have a child will often call me to help them with the professional adoption home study assessment. Then my dear wife, Lynn, and I personally visit them for a 5 to 6 hour visit in order to carefully screen them. Before giving our approval, I try my very best to ensure that they will be good and kind parents who will raise their adopted child with unconditional love and total commitment. We verify that they have sufficient financial resources, a stable relationship and clear background checks.

Hope for Families can help you select a loving, financially secure family for your child. We will arrange to provide tangible and emotional support during your pregnancy and even through the transition period after the birth. We have professional counselors who truly care and provide confidential counseling services 24 hours a day. Our experienced and concerned staff understands your needs and will help you throughout your pregnancy.

Of course, all of our adoption services are free with no cost ever to you. Our social workers can assist you with living, housing and medical expenses. After the birth, they can even assist you with vocational training and continuing education so that you can begin to set new goals and rebuild your life.

Knowing all of your options is your first step. We can help you choose what type of adoption is right for you. Open adoption allows you to remain in contact with your child and the adoptive family you have selected. A confidential adoption, on the other hand, protects your anonymity. Each adoption plan is unique, just like you. You choose from loving, prescreened adoptive families of every race and faith. You can choose a family who lives in your area or one from out of state. Our professional pre-screening process will ensure that your child will be safe, provided for and loved.

Hope for Families wants to be a blessing to you and your child, and also to the many adopting families who have shared their desire to have children to love and begin their own forever family. May you be their answer to their prayers. Adoption of a baby is the best gift you could ever give another person. Adoption is an act of love and bravery, of faith and caring for your child.

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form here, we can send you important information that will assist you in many tangible ways. Your privacy is our priority, that's why you can rest assured the information will be provided confidentially, in an unmarked envelope or via e-mail. Of course, your request for information is completely without obligation - only you can make the decision that is best for you and your baby. We are experts in guiding mothers through the process in an unbiased way and will provide tangible assistance through your pregnancy.
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We will all do our best to answer your questions and explain how adoption works so you can make the best decision for your child and circumstances. Please consider us your friends in adoption who are dedicated to help you through this difficult time in your life!

Hope for Families Broadcasting

Our ministry produces an interesting and informative weekly 30 minute Christian television show that is broadcast on Friday evenings at 630 pm on Faith TV in 50 cities across the United States and also on Sky Angel.  This program is also on our radio show which currently airs on WCNO 89.9 FM on Saturday mornings at 8:30 am, and Sunday mornings at 9:30 am.  This program is broadcast on a full power FM station that reaches on the east coast of Florida from Cocoa Beach to Fort Lauderdale, from the Bahamas to Lake Okeechobee.  We are currently in the process of expanding our range by adding other stations throughout Florida, and would appreciate any partnership to further this vital ministry.

Our desire is to encourage people in their relationship with the Lord, to assist them with practical tools through the Bible and the best of the behavioral sciences to handle the stresses of life, and to create excitement and provide education about adoptions.  The program includes highlights of Dr. Brown's creative writings, dynamic testimony, crucial information about the adoption process, and practical help for relational, emotional, and situational problems in life.

Contact our office at (772) 429-3334 and ask for CD or DVD copies of our show.  We would be honored to have you tune in and be blessed through the Hope Broadcasting ministry.

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Hope For The Hurting Seminars

These interesting and informative seminars are designed to deepen the listener’s relationship with the Lord and provide practical assistance for people suffering from emotional or relational problems through clear answers from God’s Word, coupled with practical suggestions from a clinical Christian counseling modality and the best of the Behavioral Sciences. Please contact us for setting up a presentation as we are honored to serve the Church and Community.  These Hope for the Hurting Seminars are available on weekdays, weeknights, Sunday evenings, and also as a Friday through Saturday conference.  These are exciting, informative, and motivating seminars, sermons and workshops for enhancing psychological, emotional, spiritual, and relational health from a Biblical Foundation.

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Renewing Relationship Seminars:

Marriage Menders Seminars, Hope for the Hurting Seminars The Blessing of Adoption Seminars Help I’m a Parent Seminars The Truth Equation Biblical Presentations

It is the mission of HOPE FOR FAMILIES ADOPTIONS to fully inform you so that you can make the best adoption choices for your vision of family and life circumstances.  After considering the previous information, please request information or ask us specific adoption questions by clicking on the link below so we can help you

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