The following are topics available under our Life Skills Seminars Category:

Dissatisfaction…the God shaped vacuum in life
Life skills…can you pass the test?
Put the fizz back in your life
Boosting self esteem and self confidence
Effective problem solving strategies
Sabotage your self sabotage
Personality differences and formations
The lies my father and mother told me…
The bondage of addiction
People pleasing and codependency
What do we do…what we do? Internal Motivations
Change dynamics…how, when and why people change
Type A verses Type B personality clashes
Don’t be a victim any longer!
Finding your hooks and removing them
Self care is not selfish
Adult children of alcoholics
Living with margin and limit lives’ madness
Addicted to your adrenaline
Setting and defending personal boundaries
Confronting passive Aggressiveness
Blame, judgment and projection…the critical spirit

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