The following are topics available under our Marriage Mender Seminars Category:
Marital Counseling
Models of marriage…what type is yours?
Communication of Love: Marital enrichment
Models of family…what type is yours?
Family enrichment…the Christian family
Exploring your family of origin
Did I marry my parent?
Managing parental interference
Unpacking the baggage in remarriage
Critical issues in the blended family
On being a stepparent
Love is more wonderful…marriage in later life
Crossing the age gap in marriage
The forced marriage
Sexual problems that cause relational difficulty
Relational problems that cause sexual difficulty
Finances…the number one cause of marital conflict
Who’s the boss…the battle for control in marriage
Talking to your kids so they will actually hear you…
Effective parenting and discipline techniques
Problem solving strategies
Respectful decision making
How to chose a mate
Crazy time…between separation and divorce
Divorce…the relational amputation
Recovery from divorce???
Critical issues in middle age
Critical issues in later life
Sizzle…putting the romance back in your marriage
Affairs…misalignments of the heart
Recovery from affairs…realignments of the heart
Coping with addiction in marriage
Coping with abuse in marriage
Coping with long term illness in marriage
Coping with life trauma in marriage
Clear and respectful communication in marriage
Negotiating for the love you need
Compromise without losing yourself
Forgiveness in marriage and its limitations
Type A verses Type B personality clashes
Relationships 101
Relationships 102
Love Languages
Love on the Treasure Coast…the story of our romance
Quality Time…making your marriage the priority
Spiritually ministering to your spouse
Victims of another person’s war
Relational escape velocity
Critical mass of relationship Book a Seminar Understanding the male psyche
Understanding the female psyche

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