These interesting and informative seminars are designed to deepen the listener’s relationship with the Lord and provide practical assistance for people suffering from emotional or relational problems through clear answers from God’s Word, coupled with practical suggestions from a clinical Christian counseling modality and the best of the Behavioral Sciences.

Please contact us for setting up a presentation as we are honored to serve the Church and Community.  These Hope for the Hurting Seminars are available on weekdays, weeknights, Sunday evenings, and also as a Friday through Saturday conference.  These are exciting, informative, and motivating seminars, sermons and workshops for enhancing psychological, emotional, spiritual, and relational health from a Biblical Foundation.

Please review the seminar topics on the links:

Marriage Menders Seminars,
Hope for the Hurting Seminars
The Blessing of Adoption Seminars
Help I’m a Parent Seminars
The Truth Equation Biblical Presentations

It is the mission of HOPE FOR FAMILIES ADOPTIONS to fully inform you so that you can make the best adoption choices for your vision of family and life circumstances.  After considering the previous information, please request information or ask us specific adoption questions by clicking on the link below so we can help you

There is Hope For Families!
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